One of the Laws of the Universe that most of us have heard about is the Law of Attraction. Have you ever ponder over the question as in why some people are richer and more successful while others are always struggling unhappily and remain in poverty? The answer to this question is simple and that is the way people think. Who you are today is actually your past manifestation. Your past thinking has created your present and your present thinking will create your future. As such, you have the power to create your desired future.

In the world of the Law of Attraction, you will get what you want from the Universe simply by focusing on your dream constantly. Hence, you have to be conscious about what you have in mind most of the time. If you were to always focusing on what you do not want like “I don’t want debts”, “ I don’t want to quarrel with my spouse” or “I don’t want to fail in my exam”, I hate to tell you that you would most likely to end up getting what you do not want. You are attracting what you are always thinking of and in the above case, negative things.

If you want to attract more of what you really want, ignore what you don’t want and focus on what you do want. The laws of Universe are always there and the law of attraction is not going to find out what you really do want. You are just going to attract more of what you are constantly focusing on. Hence, it is always advisable to have your goals clearly written out. You can focus on what you do want when you clearly know what you are aiming for in life; may it long term or short term. Concentrate on your desired goals regularly as this is a sure way to achieve what you want.

When it comes to visualizing your dreams, it should go beyond just plainly thinking about it. Put in the emotions, feel your dreams as if you are already in that stage. If you dream is to get promoted to the managerial level, imagine how would everything be like. Visualized and feel your manager’s chair, your desk, your level confidence, your passion towards that position and any other things that make your feel excited, passionate and good. Whatever you are visualizing, like your new office, it should be in detail as in the position of your desk, chair, and sofa. In fact, everything should be as detail as possible.

As one of the popular Laws of the Universe, the law of attraction has become a very interesting and popular topic among many people. With this powerful law, you can create your own future by your mind power and the process of attraction. Hence, it is necessary to be positive and focus on what you really do want in life.

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