The Law of Attraction has indeed captured a lot of interest those who desire to be successful. If you have learn about this Law of the Universe and attempted to apply it in your life, you should know how great you have felt during the process. However, not everyone get the whole process right; some people just cannot do it while others kept getting inconsistent results. And these people, sad to say, quit believing in it and gave up hopelessly.

If you think you cannot get the law of attraction to work for you, you are not alone. Most people failed to effectively apply this law in the first few times. Like other facts of life, you need to understand, apply and practice the right way before you can get it right for you.

To be able to work effectively with the law of attraction, you need to be positive. You may ask how on earth you are going to stay positive when you have to face so many complex problems in life. You may also be surrounded by negative people who are regularly poisoning your mind with negative potion. What’s next that happen can be terrible as you started to become or remain negative and needless to say, you begin to attract things you do not want into your life.

What should you be really doing to successfully getting the law of attraction to work and manifest your dream into reality? Below are just but a few golden tips to help you put the Law of Attraction into practice successfully.

1. Clear Vision

You cannot ask for anything to manifest into reality without first knowing exactly what you want. For example, if you want to be richer, you should be specific as in how much richer. Do you know by having a dollar, you are also considered one dollar richer? You should have a clear vision or goal like a specific amount of money you want to earn in a month. If you are earning on average US$5000 a month as a salesperson, you may like to raise your income by another 50% or even 100%. Know what you really want, ask for it and allow yourself to receive.

2. Believe in Yourself and Be patient

You cannot be expecting desired result to manifest overnight. Many people actually quit trying after sometime because they do not see results in the short term and perceived it would not be worth to continue working with the law.
A seed will need time together with warmth, water and oxygen to develop into a seedling. From a seedling, it needs some more time to develop into a fully grown plant. All things need time to develop before results are shown, so you have to stay strong with the belief in yourself and be patient.

Beware, impatient and frustration are negative forces which will only bring more negative results into your life.

3. Continuous Learning
You cannot simply be jogging only once and expect to maintain your stamina for the rest of your life. Likewise, you cannot be reading only a single self-help book on the Law of Attraction and expect to be successful all the way. What you should be doing is to continuously learning new skills and knowledge to stay ahead of this ever-changing world.

You can educate yourself through great books, audio tapes, and internet as well as from others through forums and committees. Whichever source it may come from, the important thing is to keep on learning.

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