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3 Tips To Help You Change The Way You Think!

Now what do mind power techniques have to do with the Law of Attraction? Well, if you do not know the answer, you do not know anything about the technique and the law. Without the power of mind, you cannot trigger the manifestation of what you constantly focus on. In other words, you got to do something with your mind to bring about your dream into reality.

Unfortunately, many people are brought up with negative beliefs, and beliefs in you inevitably determine your life you are experiencing now. The brain is a brilliant system; it can work wonders for us. However, our brains work just like the computer system which can download and store information in the memory. What we experienced in our earlier lifetime can be stored in out subconscious mind and sometime we might not even aware of it. And all the beliefs in you actually determine every decisions you made which in turn determine your life right now. This can be very bad if you have a lot of negative beliefs in you. Fortunately, humans are able to apply effective mind power technique and Law of Attraction to change our lives.

Do you know anyone who has phobia of deep water? These people can become very anxious when they are too near to water like poolside, seaside, lakeside or even a canal side. The parents may have scared the child of the danger of deep water which inevitably instilled the fear in the child’s mind, and the fear would still be there even when he or she reaches adulthood. The mind has in some ways link deep water to danger, drowning or even death. Undeniably, the parents had said it simply to protect their precious child and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the intention, the only mistake they had made is the method of doing it.

Likewise, some people have certain negative beliefs about having more money. While some may have stored in their mind that all rich people are evil because they must have deceived the money from someone else, others may have heard from someone that if they are having more money, someone from somewhere will somehow become poorer by that same amount of money they got. Having a hardcore negative belief about money is your obstacle; it blocks off wealth coming to you. You want more money but at the same time, you are unsure if you could or should be receiving the money. I hate to tell you this but chances are, you will not be receiving.

You and I know that to replace our negative thoughts with the positive ones so as to eliminate any obstacles blocking our success can be easier said than done. Well, it can be easy though if you have the right tactics to do it. This is where the mind power technique comes into the picture to effectively apply the law of attraction. We have to effectively use the mind power we possess to ask and receive what we truly want from the universe.

But how are we going to change the way we think?

1. Want to Change
Nobody is able to change your life without your concern. You must be very willing to make the change to make it work permanently. To decide changing, you have to know why you want to change in the first place and the goal you are targeting is the life you want very badly. When your reason is strong enough, you will willingly step out to change. Your willingness will in turn determine your perseverance and patience. With more positive attitude, your route to attract what you want in life will definitely be faster.

2. Always Think Positive
Thinking positively is very important in attracting your desired future. Do not expect to stop negative thoughts completely overnight. No, you will not be able to do that. Give yourself time to train your mind. With approximately 60 000 thoughts going through your mind each day, your mind can go wild very quickly

What you should be doing is to make it a point to always replace negative thoughts with the positive ones. Hence, you should be mindful of what you are thinking to catch yourself thinking negatively. It is not easy but with more practice like using meditation and mind control techniques; you will find it much easier very soon.

One effective way of thinking positive is to be grateful about what you have right now. For example, you can be thankful of having a happy family, loving wife and adorable kids or you can express your gratitude of having good health to enjoy life. Believe me; you will become more positive and happier when you start to feel grateful of what you have.

3. Focus on Your Dream
You should be very clear of what you want. Always write it out so that you can stick it somewhere to serve as a reminder for you. When you are very clear of your goals, you can even go on to visualize your dream like a movie. Visualize daily to make your future so clear that you are actually experiencing the happiness and excitement right now as though you are having your desired life at this moment.

When you focus on what you want, you will focus less on negative thinking and what this means is that you can have more positive thoughts. When you can focus very well, you can also ensure you are taking action everyday to bring yourself a step nearer to where you want to be.

When you know what you really want, you can start asking from the universe. With the correct thought, you can easily attract what you really want in life and bring it to reality.

The Law of Attraction can help manifesting your dream into reality if you using the correct mind power technique. You do not have put up a struggle in life or even quit thinking of what you want simply because you negatively think that you will not make it. Believe in yourself, the law and your mind, your future success can be brought nearer to you in no time.

Focus = Success!

Wonder why people meditate? Wonder why you should always stay calm when things simply don’t go your way? And wonder why most people cannot perform when under pressure? The reason is simple; you need your mind to focus. You need meditation or any other proven techniques to train your mind in focusing. You need to stay calm so as to focus your mind to do things right. You need to get rid of those undesired pressure so as to focus better in performing your task. The power of focus is a great factor in bring success into your life.

The power of focus is part of your mind power in manifesting your dream into reality. Wouldn’t you agree with me that lack of focus is a great hinder in pursuing what you really want in life? A dream can never be achieved if you do not have the focus in attaining it. When there is no focus, there will be no action and hence, no result. But having said that, how many of us can focus on one goal for an extended period of time?

Having saying that, many people are able to focus for an extended period of time on the wrong things, that is, focusing on what they do not want in life. And when you keep on focusing on what is not wanted, you will get it sooner or later. This is what we refer to as the Law of Attraction. Have you ever wonder why most self-development masters almost always advise you to stop worrying and complaining? Keep focusing on complaining about your job and you will most likely getting more of it. Keep focusing on worrying about your debts and you will most likely getting more of it. Keep focusing on the fear of losing something and you will most likely lose it one day.

The Law of Attraction is not bias; you do not have to be the selected few to benefit from this law. Anyone who can really focus on what he or she wants in life can attain it in the future. If you have heard about this law before but are still quite skeptical, you may like to try it out.  After all, there is no harm trying out. However, please focus only on what you really want and what is positive. Trying it out by focusing on something negative will certainly get negative effects. Take one step at a time by focusing on something short term which you can see result in a day.

Your mind power is like a magnetic force, you attract whatever you put your focus on. That is also why you should train your mind so that you can apply the power of focus in you. A goal which is not follow by your focus and action, nothing will happen and your dream will always be just a dream. Be focus and make that great difference in your life from today.

The Law of Attraction has indeed captured a lot of interest those who desire to be successful. If you have learn about this Law of the Universe and attempted to apply it in your life, you should know how great you have felt during the process. However, not everyone get the whole process right; some people just cannot do it while others kept getting inconsistent results. And these people, sad to say, quit believing in it and gave up hopelessly.

If you think you cannot get the law of attraction to work for you, you are not alone. Most people failed to effectively apply this law in the first few times. Like other facts of life, you need to understand, apply and practice the right way before you can get it right for you.

To be able to work effectively with the law of attraction, you need to be positive. You may ask how on earth you are going to stay positive when you have to face so many complex problems in life. You may also be surrounded by negative people who are regularly poisoning your mind with negative potion. What’s next that happen can be terrible as you started to become or remain negative and needless to say, you begin to attract things you do not want into your life.

What should you be really doing to successfully getting the law of attraction to work and manifest your dream into reality? Below are just but a few golden tips to help you put the Law of Attraction into practice successfully.

1. Clear Vision

You cannot ask for anything to manifest into reality without first knowing exactly what you want. For example, if you want to be richer, you should be specific as in how much richer. Do you know by having a dollar, you are also considered one dollar richer? You should have a clear vision or goal like a specific amount of money you want to earn in a month. If you are earning on average US$5000 a month as a salesperson, you may like to raise your income by another 50% or even 100%. Know what you really want, ask for it and allow yourself to receive.

2. Believe in Yourself and Be patient

You cannot be expecting desired result to manifest overnight. Many people actually quit trying after sometime because they do not see results in the short term and perceived it would not be worth to continue working with the law.
A seed will need time together with warmth, water and oxygen to develop into a seedling. From a seedling, it needs some more time to develop into a fully grown plant. All things need time to develop before results are shown, so you have to stay strong with the belief in yourself and be patient.

Beware, impatient and frustration are negative forces which will only bring more negative results into your life.

3. Continuous Learning
You cannot simply be jogging only once and expect to maintain your stamina for the rest of your life. Likewise, you cannot be reading only a single self-help book on the Law of Attraction and expect to be successful all the way. What you should be doing is to continuously learning new skills and knowledge to stay ahead of this ever-changing world.

You can educate yourself through great books, audio tapes, and internet as well as from others through forums and committees. Whichever source it may come from, the important thing is to keep on learning.

One of the Laws of the Universe that most of us have heard about is the Law of Attraction. Have you ever ponder over the question as in why some people are richer and more successful while others are always struggling unhappily and remain in poverty? The answer to this question is simple and that is the way people think. Who you are today is actually your past manifestation. Your past thinking has created your present and your present thinking will create your future. As such, you have the power to create your desired future.

In the world of the Law of Attraction, you will get what you want from the Universe simply by focusing on your dream constantly. Hence, you have to be conscious about what you have in mind most of the time. If you were to always focusing on what you do not want like “I don’t want debts”, “ I don’t want to quarrel with my spouse” or “I don’t want to fail in my exam”, I hate to tell you that you would most likely to end up getting what you do not want. You are attracting what you are always thinking of and in the above case, negative things.

If you want to attract more of what you really want, ignore what you don’t want and focus on what you do want. The laws of Universe are always there and the law of attraction is not going to find out what you really do want. You are just going to attract more of what you are constantly focusing on. Hence, it is always advisable to have your goals clearly written out. You can focus on what you do want when you clearly know what you are aiming for in life; may it long term or short term. Concentrate on your desired goals regularly as this is a sure way to achieve what you want.

When it comes to visualizing your dreams, it should go beyond just plainly thinking about it. Put in the emotions, feel your dreams as if you are already in that stage. If you dream is to get promoted to the managerial level, imagine how would everything be like. Visualized and feel your manager’s chair, your desk, your level confidence, your passion towards that position and any other things that make your feel excited, passionate and good. Whatever you are visualizing, like your new office, it should be in detail as in the position of your desk, chair, and sofa. In fact, everything should be as detail as possible.

As one of the popular Laws of the Universe, the law of attraction has become a very interesting and popular topic among many people. With this powerful law, you can create your own future by your mind power and the process of attraction. Hence, it is necessary to be positive and focus on what you really do want in life.

How to attract money into your life? This is a very interesting question and almost all humans are eager to find out the answer. How you attract more money have to do with the Law of Attraction. Indeed, there are things you cannot buy with money, but you cannot deny the fact that without money, you cannot even survive in today’s world. If you are someone who are quite reserved about having more money and always feels that the rich guys are always filthy and bad, you should remove that notion immediately. The reason is very simple. You are blocking financial prosperity from flowing towards you.

So what should you do to attract more money? Stop looking externally! You should look internally and that means you need to change the way you think about money. Learn the following tips to quick start your way to attract more wealth.

1.      Value Money

Are you someone who keeps his money in a proper manner? Do you have dollars chucked unconsciously and untidily somewhere? If your answer is a “Yes!”, you are in a way sending a signal to the Universe that you do not value money. And why should you be given more money if you do not like them? Think about it carefully.

Learn to value money starting from now. Even if it is just a 10 cents coin, you should value it as it has the potential to come back to you in a much higher value. You should create a feeling towards your money and with strong emotions, you will send out positive vibration into the Universe. When you are clear about your desires, the Law of Attraction will do the rest of the job to fulfill your dream.

2.      Visualizing your Dream

Visualization is important when learning how to attract money. You should be putting your visualization to work by focusing on bringing in more money into your life. Make believed that you have already reached your goal and that you have a million or two in your bank account. By making yourself believe that you are rich, you are informing your subconscious mind that you are capable of earning more money. When your subconscious minds have the idea of the end result, the means will indirectly come along the way.

3.      Remove all Negative Habits and Thinking

If you find yourself telling somebody else that you are broke, you should put a stop to that immediately. Being broke is not something pleasant or positive. When you tell someone you have no money, you are indirectly placing this unwanted thought into your subconscious mind and this is very dangerous. Tell others that you are doing very fine even though your financial status may not be that firm right now. At the same time when you are saying that you are doing great, try feeling the positive emotions that the statement is bringing into you. If you are feeling positive, you are on your way to attracting more wealth.

Your mind plays a very important role when learning how to attract money into your life. Most people are incapable of controlling their thought, so it is advisable for you to do some meditations daily. When you learn to calm your mind and focus your thought more effectively, you will find that the Law of Attraction is really working and getting what you want in life can be very easy. Learn to love money and it will, in return, love you.

Ever wonder why there is this ‘elite’ group who is so successful and so outstanding? And why there are those who either barely surviving in the stage of mediocrity or unhappily striving to make ends meet? When there is no goal, no motivation, no positive attitude and no true guidance, these people live day by day to get by and earn a living. But do you know that these people do have their dreams? It may be a dream to get wealthier, a dream to get healthier, a dream to get promoted or a dream to find a perfect date, to name but a few. However, without the knowledge on how to apply their mind power techniques and without the understanding of the law of attraction, a dream will only be just a dream.

“If it’s going to be, it’s up to me”, you should have heard this phrase somewhere before. You are the only one who can decide your own future. Eliminate all excuses and you will see your path clearer. Those you perceived as successful in life may not be smarter than you, they may not be richer than you a few years ago, and they may not have the lucky stars which you thought are always there for them. In fact, most of these successful people are either without high qualification or they are drop-out from school. However, most of them do have some knowledge behind that most low achievers do not possess, and that knowledge is about the law of attraction.

Being one of the universal laws, the theory of the law of attraction explains where we are today and as such, we can have the law to help us create a future we always dream of. When we focus on our goals positively, we can attract what we always wanted. Your financial status, the amount of your salary, your beloved spouse or girlfriend, and all other possessions began with your thoughts. Having said that, you should be aware that you can attract negative results too if you are putting your focus on the things you do not want.

Well, you should have some idea now about the law, so you can see that what has actually lead us to where we are today are our thoughts and beliefs. If you have limited beliefs, your desired results will be limited. On the other hand, if you were to let your imaginations go wild and believe that nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind and soul into it, your desired results can be unlimited. For example, a student who does not believe that he or she can score an ‘A’ in the exam will very unlikely to attain good grades while another student who believe in himself or herself has very great potential to achieve great results. As a matter of fact, you can even achieve something which no one else has ever dreamed of.

Scientifically, we know that the universe is made up of matters and energies, and we are part of the universe. Hence, we are able to make full use of our mind power to create our dream future. Make believe that you can achieve the impossible and with great positive thoughts going through your mind consistently, you are able to attract what you always wanted. Create your success today with the law of attraction.