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5 Questions To Consider First!

Have you ever thought of attracting wealth into your life with ease and free of stress? While hoping, you may also be wondering why some other people are doing so well with almost everything going their way. No, you should not be quitting your dream so soon. You should not have to put up with your life. These successful people do not have more mind power than you, they are not smarter than you and they are not luckier than you. So, you may ask, “Why are these people more successful than you are?”

Attracting wealth is not an exclusive right which is enjoy by only the selected few. In fact, why these people are doing much better than you is that they are doing their things differently. If another person can do it, there is no reason why you cannot achieve the same result. Unless you are unconsciously denying what you deserve, you should be on your way to success. Below are some simple questions to seriously consider when you are on your route to achieving your dream. Make sure you answer all of them after some serious thought.

1.    What do you want in life?
You have to clearly define your goal or goals and laser focus on what you really want to manifest into your life. Goals are like maps, without any goal, you will most likely end up nowhere. Put some serious thoughts into it and put them down in writing. Get your vision right as soon as possible.

2.    Do you believe you are capable of achieving your goals?
Planning without believing is like a car without engine. You should make believe your capability through affirmation. The mind power that you possess is a valuable tool to help you gain a higher level of confidence. Find as many proofs as possible from your past to show that you are an achiever; you may have done very well academically, you may have been quite good in certain sports or you may have been talented in art, to name but a few. Any area you are or were good at is a proof.

If you think you have dug into your memory and found nothing worth recalling, do not panic and condemn yourself. What you have experienced may probably be created by you past experiences and you have your negative beliefs in your subconscious mind to blame.

One effective tip is to delete your old negative belief system and upload a new positive system into your subconscious mind. Come up with some very positive statements like “I am in the process of attracting wealth into my life” and repeat to yourself regularly. One of the best timing to do that is in the morning just after you are awake and your mind is the freshest.  Besides installing a more positive mindset, you will also feel wonderful to start a new day.

3.    Do you have a plan?
Dream will be just a dream without any plan and action. With fabulous dream, you should be enthusiastic to take your first step of your journey towards your goal. Your need to have the self-discipline to make sure you are doing something according to your plan everyday towards where you want to be. With a little effort being put in, your pace in achieving your dream will definitely be slower but you know you are at least getting closer to your target.

4.    Are you willing to help others?
When you have made it, are you willing to give back by helping others? Are you willing to give back to the society? According to the law of cause and effect, you will ripe what you have sow. Generosity is a good habit you must develop because with such positive action, you are bound to attract more and more wealth into your life. Help those who are in need and you will attract more and more into your life.

Everyone has the mind power to help attracting wealth as long as he or she knows the proper way.  If you have failed and gave up on life, you would be in a way allowing others to decide the future for you.  What you want to see in the future is all up to you and only you can decide what you want in life and bring it to reality.

Have you heard of the Law of Abundance? Well, abundance here refers to your goals in life; it can be wealth, health, relationships, assets or even a hope to travel across Sahara desert. You can achieve whatever you want in life by first engraving it in your mind, believing in it and let the law go into process of magnetizing it into your life. Sounds familiar? Yes, this is another way to phrase the Law of Attraction.

There are so many successful people around the world and to state that each and every one of them is a believer of the law is an exaggeration. You do not have to be a believer in the law of abundance before you can attract your dream. This law is not bias towards or against anyone or any group. Everyone is treated equally and fairly under this Law of the Universe.

Having said that, why are there people who are so successful in achieving what they want while some other people keep on failing in getting what they dream of? Well, all these differences are the cause and effect of the human thoughts. You may have read numerous self-help books, listened to many self-improvement audio tapes and even attended several self-development seminars. Can you recall if there is anyone teaching how to be successful by staying negative? The answer is obvious. Anyone who has the intention to help you will always advise you to be positive in your mindset.

To have the Law of Attraction work well for you, you need to be positive in thinking. But how can we become positive in our thought? One very effective way is to focus on your goals and that is what you really want to achieve in your life. You will meet problems or obstacles along the way and these challenges are simply unavoidable at times but they are definitely impermanent as long as you have a powerful mindset.

By focusing only on what you do want, you will see yourself looking on the bright side more often. And the great thing about thinking about your goals regularly is that you are in the process of manifesting your dream into reality. The only difference about this is how fast your dream comes true? To successfully attract whatever you want, apart from being positive, you should also learn to visualize your future with emotions and excitement. Put your dreams into your subconscious mind to ensure you have that kind of firm belief system to manifest your goals into reality. In other words, apply affirmation to transform your life forever.

According to the Law of Abundance, you have to be very clear in whatever you want and you should be always in your mind. To help you better in visualizing, you can have some visualization aid in your computer as movie, presentation or even wall-paper. Have the pictures of your dream car, new house and piles of dollar notes with some appropriate background music to accelerate your visualizing process. Alternatively, you can also have the cut out pictures to be pasted on a small board which can be hanged in your bedroom. It is never too late to start, but you have to start right now.