3 Golden Mind Power Techniques For You!

When you learn to utilize the mind power techniques effectively, you are in a way improving your way of life. In other words, if you are able to work effective with your brain, that is, your mind power, you can achieve any dream you set your mind to. Never underestimate what your brain can do; it can achieve many dreams if you know the techniques, dreams that you might have thought impossible previously.

Putting your mind power techniques into practice is important. If someone who has been working for almost half a century of his or her life retires, he or she would have put her mental health at stake. When someone suddenly stops working and if he or she has no other new goal in life, he or she would have the trouble finding the purpose everyday. Studies in UK have shown that the number of people who will suffer from dementia, an illness that leads to memory lost and ultimately the behavior will increase to more than 100 million by the year 2050. So it is utmost important to keep your mind sharp and alert by making good use of it and constantly exercising it with some great techniques.

Below are some of the golden techniques to release your mind power which you can apply to keep your mind in tiptop conditions.

1. Constantly Visualize your Goals
Prior to doing any visualization, you need to set your goals. You need to clearly know what you would like to have or be in 5 years’ time, 1 year’s time or even 3 months’ time; your goal can be creating enormous wealth, having six pack abs, finding a perfect partner or even a trip into outer space, to name but a few. Whatever your goals are, it is utmost important for you to visualize them daily. So what is visualization? It means seeing your dream happening with your mind and it can be a mental picture or a mental video.

Visualization enables your mind to clearly know what it wants and where it is heading towards. When you see your dream future clearly and regularly, your subconscious mind will start to believe that it is attainable and hence, your confidence level would gradually increase. Constantly visualizing your goals also enable you to concentrate on your effort in working towards your goals. You will find yourself attaining your dreams sooner than you’ve thought. And last but not least, you are exercising your brain when you visualize constantly. Not only will you see your direction clearly, you will also feel a sense of purpose in life.

2. Constantly Going Through Your Goals
How to constantly remind yourself of your goals? The best way is always to write them down. When you write your goals, you are actually imprinting them more clearly in your mind. You may like it to write them down in your organizer and bring it anywhere you go, or you may like to paste your goals somewhere where you can see them daily without fail. Just like visualization, when you get to see and read your goals daily, your mind would start to get to remember them well and your subconscious mind would start to file them properly so as to automatically working towards achieving your dreams.

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3. Always Stay Positive
In life, there are the ups as well as the downs. When you have the ups, you would feel very positive about the future and thus motivated. However, when it comes to the downs, and if you are taking them very negatively, life becomes a chore with no motivation and no vision. It is hence, very important to stay positive in our mindset no matter what situations we are facing.

By staying positive, your mind would not foolishly focus on the unimportant issues like worries and complaints. And instead, you would focus on coming up with effective solutions to solve your problems. Problems, big and small, are impermanent and most of the time, you would be laughing about them a few years down the road. After all, a quote in ‘Hamlet’ of William Shakespeare says it all, ‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’

The above are just some of the great mind power techniques you can applied to develop a healthier and more positive mind. And with great mind power, you can achieve your dreams at a faster rate. Many have benefited from utilizing their mind more effectively, so do revisit the site for more great techniques.

If you want to be successful at achieving your dreams, you have to start with setting your goals the correct way and staying committed all the way. Learn more about how to do this at Positive Mastermind.Com

A Mind Power Technique you can USE

In the video below you will find a great method for increasing your memory. Using the technique that is fully explained in the video, you can use this mind power technique to remember vast amounts of information quite quickly. In the video, world memory champion Andi Bell, shows you exactly how to do it. What is most important to realize is that Andi Bell is NOT an autistic savant, but just a regular person who has trained his mind, and learned the correct mind power techniques. We can all do this, as Andi mentions he has the same mental equipment as the rest of us, it is just that he has learned the techniques to harness more of its power. Its really no different from any other physical activity, we can all run to some degree- obviously some people are more naturally gifted than others, but we can all do it to some extent. However, if you are taught the correct aspects of running your abilities will increase. If you are interested in a more in depth course to improve your memory to levels you never dreamed of you can meet Ron White, otherwise, enjoy the video, bookmark the site, tell your friends and check back with us as we roll out more real deal mind power techniques that you can actually apply to your life. This is just one of many mind control techniques that you will learn on this site.

Achieve Your Dreams With Mind Power!

Have you ever heard about the power of the mind? If you have, are you skeptical about this power? Most people do know that they can do the impossible with the mind power, but they are just not doing it because there are still some doubts in what they have heard. You are not totally convinced about what you can do with your mind and thus, you do not believe in yourself too.

Do you think some people are just born lucky to have all that they wanted? Do you think you belong to the ‘unfortunate’ group who has to work very hard just to get by? If your answer to the two questions above is a big ‘yes’, you are in very serious problem. You are not using the power of the mind to help you at all. Your mind system is itself self-sabotaging and as such, you are most likely to stay unhappy and unmotivated.

There is very little chance for you to achieve what you want if you lack the positive thinking and motivation to take the necessary step towards success. Without thinking positively, your mind is most likely to be preoccupied by negative thoughts like fear, worry and anger. This is especially true when your progression is hinder by adversities and failures. Without motivation, you will most likely to be dragging yourself to get the job done. This is especially true if you are working for someone. Your action is slow so will your result. You are responsible for delaying your success and happiness.

Are you eligible to join the ‘lucky’ group who is in full control of their destiny? Everyone who knows the secrets will be eligible. In other words, anyone who is willing can be a new member. This secret is none other than your mind-set because with strong mind power, you can achieve the impossible. By believing in yourself, you are building solid foundation for your self-confidence.

Most of us allow our brain to control us; every of our decision and action are control by our brain. What is this that I am talking about? I am my mind and my mind is who I am. Yes indeed if you know how to control what you think. If you were your mind and that is all you are, you would not have been indulging in so much negative thoughts which pull your life towards the south. Indulging in too much negative thoughts can be very depressing and in some cases, suicidal.

Well, suicidal may be the extreme case but if you could change your life for the better, why not gives a try. Your current thinking is actually shaped by your experiences earlier in life. Your parents, nanny, friends, coaches, teachers, peers and others have more or less played a part in shaping who you are today. You learn to believe in whatever that is agreed by these people. For example, you dad may believe that abundant wealth belongs to only the selected few and most of the people should be working hard to earn a living. And as being your dad, he would have great influence on you to get you believe what he believes in. As such, you might have miss out a lot of golden opportunity to have more money because you did not believe you can be rich.

Becoming rich may be somebody else’s dream. You may have other goals like becoming a famous actor or actress. The point I am getting across is that if you are thinking and behaving as what your influencers were or are doing, you are most likely to get the same results as theirs.

Although you should be realistic when designing your future, you should not limit yourself when you dream, when you set you goal and when you visualize. With your ‘can do’ attitude and by believing in yourself, anything can be within your reach. Goals like graduate with a degree within three years, clearing your debts within 1 year, creates wealth to be financial independent or even meet up with your country’s president to have lunch one day are not impossible dreams.

Before you get to work on your goals, you should first and foremost clear any doubt about the power of the mind fully. Nobody, including your dearest love ones can change your thinking and your life to better without your concern. You must want to change very badly to achieve what you really want in order to for it to work effectively. You should always be positive and motivated.

3 Tips To Help You Change The Way You Think!

Now what do mind power techniques have to do with the Law of Attraction? Well, if you do not know the answer, you do not know anything about the technique and the law. Without the power of mind, you cannot trigger the manifestation of what you constantly focus on. In other words, you got to do something with your mind to bring about your dream into reality.

Unfortunately, many people are brought up with negative beliefs, and beliefs in you inevitably determine your life you are experiencing now. The brain is a brilliant system; it can work wonders for us. However, our brains work just like the computer system which can download and store information in the memory. What we experienced in our earlier lifetime can be stored in out subconscious mind and sometime we might not even aware of it. And all the beliefs in you actually determine every decisions you made which in turn determine your life right now. This can be very bad if you have a lot of negative beliefs in you. Fortunately, humans are able to apply effective mind power technique and Law of Attraction to change our lives.

Do you know anyone who has phobia of deep water? These people can become very anxious when they are too near to water like poolside, seaside, lakeside or even a canal side. The parents may have scared the child of the danger of deep water which inevitably instilled the fear in the child’s mind, and the fear would still be there even when he or she reaches adulthood. The mind has in some ways link deep water to danger, drowning or even death. Undeniably, the parents had said it simply to protect their precious child and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the intention, the only mistake they had made is the method of doing it.

Likewise, some people have certain negative beliefs about having more money. While some may have stored in their mind that all rich people are evil because they must have deceived the money from someone else, others may have heard from someone that if they are having more money, someone from somewhere will somehow become poorer by that same amount of money they got. Having a hardcore negative belief about money is your obstacle; it blocks off wealth coming to you. You want more money but at the same time, you are unsure if you could or should be receiving the money. I hate to tell you this but chances are, you will not be receiving.

You and I know that to replace our negative thoughts with the positive ones so as to eliminate any obstacles blocking our success can be easier said than done. Well, it can be easy though if you have the right tactics to do it. This is where the mind power technique comes into the picture to effectively apply the law of attraction. We have to effectively use the mind power we possess to ask and receive what we truly want from the universe.

But how are we going to change the way we think?

1. Want to Change
Nobody is able to change your life without your concern. You must be very willing to make the change to make it work permanently. To decide changing, you have to know why you want to change in the first place and the goal you are targeting is the life you want very badly. When your reason is strong enough, you will willingly step out to change. Your willingness will in turn determine your perseverance and patience. With more positive attitude, your route to attract what you want in life will definitely be faster.

2. Always Think Positive
Thinking positively is very important in attracting your desired future. Do not expect to stop negative thoughts completely overnight. No, you will not be able to do that. Give yourself time to train your mind. With approximately 60 000 thoughts going through your mind each day, your mind can go wild very quickly

What you should be doing is to make it a point to always replace negative thoughts with the positive ones. Hence, you should be mindful of what you are thinking to catch yourself thinking negatively. It is not easy but with more practice like using meditation and mind control techniques; you will find it much easier very soon.

One effective way of thinking positive is to be grateful about what you have right now. For example, you can be thankful of having a happy family, loving wife and adorable kids or you can express your gratitude of having good health to enjoy life. Believe me; you will become more positive and happier when you start to feel grateful of what you have.

3. Focus on Your Dream
You should be very clear of what you want. Always write it out so that you can stick it somewhere to serve as a reminder for you. When you are very clear of your goals, you can even go on to visualize your dream like a movie. Visualize daily to make your future so clear that you are actually experiencing the happiness and excitement right now as though you are having your desired life at this moment.

When you focus on what you want, you will focus less on negative thinking and what this means is that you can have more positive thoughts. When you can focus very well, you can also ensure you are taking action everyday to bring yourself a step nearer to where you want to be.

When you know what you really want, you can start asking from the universe. With the correct thought, you can easily attract what you really want in life and bring it to reality.

The Law of Attraction can help manifesting your dream into reality if you using the correct mind power technique. You do not have put up a struggle in life or even quit thinking of what you want simply because you negatively think that you will not make it. Believe in yourself, the law and your mind, your future success can be brought nearer to you in no time.

Focus = Success!

Wonder why people meditate? Wonder why you should always stay calm when things simply don’t go your way? And wonder why most people cannot perform when under pressure? The reason is simple; you need your mind to focus. You need meditation or any other proven techniques to train your mind in focusing. You need to stay calm so as to focus your mind to do things right. You need to get rid of those undesired pressure so as to focus better in performing your task. The power of focus is a great factor in bring success into your life.

The power of focus is part of your mind power in manifesting your dream into reality. Wouldn’t you agree with me that lack of focus is a great hinder in pursuing what you really want in life? A dream can never be achieved if you do not have the focus in attaining it. When there is no focus, there will be no action and hence, no result. But having said that, how many of us can focus on one goal for an extended period of time?

Having saying that, many people are able to focus for an extended period of time on the wrong things, that is, focusing on what they do not want in life. And when you keep on focusing on what is not wanted, you will get it sooner or later. This is what we refer to as the Law of Attraction. Have you ever wonder why most self-development masters almost always advise you to stop worrying and complaining? Keep focusing on complaining about your job and you will most likely getting more of it. Keep focusing on worrying about your debts and you will most likely getting more of it. Keep focusing on the fear of losing something and you will most likely lose it one day.

The Law of Attraction is not bias; you do not have to be the selected few to benefit from this law. Anyone who can really focus on what he or she wants in life can attain it in the future. If you have heard about this law before but are still quite skeptical, you may like to try it out.  After all, there is no harm trying out. However, please focus only on what you really want and what is positive. Trying it out by focusing on something negative will certainly get negative effects. Take one step at a time by focusing on something short term which you can see result in a day.

Your mind power is like a magnetic force, you attract whatever you put your focus on. That is also why you should train your mind so that you can apply the power of focus in you. A goal which is not follow by your focus and action, nothing will happen and your dream will always be just a dream. Be focus and make that great difference in your life from today.

4 Tips To Regaining Motivation

Do you always have to motivation to complete your tasks? Most of us can be very motivated if we are doing something we love, but when it comes to some tasks which we dislike, we drag our feet to complete the tasks, let alone getting motivated about them. We need to be motivated in achieving our dreams and it will be wonderful if we can stay that way. However, life isn’t a bed of roses and there are times when things just don’t go the way we want it. What happen next? Most people would lose their motivation and think that this is just not working.

Here are some great tips on how to maintain your motivation.

1.    There Is No Unsolved Problem
When problem arises, you can take it as a difficult problem which can hinder you from attaining your goal or you can simply take it as a challenge. Most successful people love challenges and when they solve them, they would feel a sense of accomplishment. There is no unsolved problem because you can solve them easily if you focus your mind in coming up with a solution rather than focus on the problem and complaining. If you can view problems that way, you can always have the motivation to tackle any challenges that put before you.

2.    Stay Away From Negative People
Negative thoughts and feelings can be contagious and this is not an exaggeration. No doubt some of these people with negative thoughts are just around you and you see them everyday, but you may have no other choice but to stay away from them for a while until your challenges are solved. You may also choose not to confide your difficulties to them.

3.    Seek Out For Positive People
When you think you are down, the best remedy is to surround yourself with positive people who seem to have all the motivation in the world. Like negativity, positive feelings and thoughts can be contagious. You may like to talk to them about the challenges and see what they would suggest to you. With their positive energies, you can charge up your positive energy and get yourself motivated in no time at all.

4.    Seek Out for Motivational Resources
There are many different forms of motivational resources and you should find the best which suit you best. There are books, audio tapes and CDs, VCDs, internet and posters, to name but a few. By reading, listening or watching these valuable information will definitely motivated you further in accomplishing your goals.

Motivation is an important factor in almost any life aspects. Life can be difficult at times so it is rather important to stay positive and see the bright side of life. When you feel grateful about what you have, you will immediately feel more positive about life. Communicate with the people with great enthusiasm and you will surely be influence by them. Get that motivation back and you are all ready for the future.

Power Of Mind | 5 Golden Tips

Many people are still skeptical about how the power of mind can help to achieve success. No matter if you are one of the skeptics or you have just heard about mind power and starting to explore into the subject, allow yourself to be opened to receive as much information as possible. As long as you are a believer and tap into you powerful mind, you are on your way to your personal success.

You do not have to be a famous genius like well-known Scientist Albert Einstein to tap into the power of mind. Anyone who is willing to be successful can be successful if the conditions are favorable. Yes, you may complaint that your conditions are not favorable at all. But do you know these conditions aren’t the main obstacles which are hindering you from progressing? The main obstacle which is also the main solution is none other than you. You are responsible to who you are today. Likewise, your future is all under the control of your own mind.

All you need is some simple great tips on how to unleash that power and you are on your way to your dream.

1.  Be a Believer
Are you convinced that your mind power can do miracles? Are you still having some doubts in it? Are you still skeptical about its existence? If you are, I am sorry to say that you chance of unleashing the power of mind can be zero. When you believe that you cannot tap into your mind power, you are right most of the time.

What you can do to make believe in the power of your mind is to find as much information and evidence as possible, so that you have sufficient supports to this idea. One way is to recall your past experiences which you have achieve the impossible through your determination. You might have failed once or twice but you know you can do it and so you went all the way out for it. Finally, you achieved what others have thought impossible. Yes, that is the power of mind.

If you really cannot recall any, start recording your positive experiences right now. You don’t have to start big; you can start with smaller goal like finishing a book within a fixed time, exercise regularly or even waking up early for work. All such small goals are not only great exercises for your mind and benefit you; they are also evidence to turn you into a believer.

2. Be very Clear of What You Want
Imagine you are to run a marathon alone and you do not know where the finishing line is, chances are, you will most likely end up nowhere, lost or back to the starting line. In order to effectively use your mind power, you must know what you want. The goal you are aiming for has to be very clear and not just some shallow dream. Unless you can really put them in words or even create a mental picture on your goal, you are not sure what you really want. When it is clear, your mind will know what to focus on.

3. Be a Dreamer
Creating mental pictures of your desired future in your mind is great, but if you can create your dream life into a movie, that can be even better. Visualize your desired future regularly and feel the kind of wonderful feeling like you have already achieved them. For example, if your goal is to become a Senior Director in your company, you should visualize the kind of challenging job you would enjoy, the people you would meet and salary you would get. You can even go on to visualize purchasing the things you always wanted but simply cannot afford now. In other words, not just plain visualizing, you should include feelings and emotions to make it work.

4. Take Action
You will not be who you want to be if you simply dream without taking any action. How on earth are you going to lose those extra pounds if you refuse to change your diets and are too lazy to exercise? The best is to have a proper plan and you can get into action more easily. Every action you take is a step nearer to your dream.

5. Stay Positive

Last not but not least, you have to stay positive in order to tap into your power of mind. Get rid of all negative thoughts and if possible, stay away from negative people who can easily influence you. Negativity can only breed negative results. By staying positive, your mind power can effectively bring positive result into your life.

5 Questions To Consider First!

Have you ever thought of attracting wealth into your life with ease and free of stress? While hoping, you may also be wondering why some other people are doing so well with almost everything going their way. No, you should not be quitting your dream so soon. You should not have to put up with your life. These successful people do not have more mind power than you, they are not smarter than you and they are not luckier than you. So, you may ask, “Why are these people more successful than you are?”

Attracting wealth is not an exclusive right which is enjoy by only the selected few. In fact, why these people are doing much better than you is that they are doing their things differently. If another person can do it, there is no reason why you cannot achieve the same result. Unless you are unconsciously denying what you deserve, you should be on your way to success. Below are some simple questions to seriously consider when you are on your route to achieving your dream. Make sure you answer all of them after some serious thought.

1.    What do you want in life?
You have to clearly define your goal or goals and laser focus on what you really want to manifest into your life. Goals are like maps, without any goal, you will most likely end up nowhere. Put some serious thoughts into it and put them down in writing. Get your vision right as soon as possible.

2.    Do you believe you are capable of achieving your goals?
Planning without believing is like a car without engine. You should make believe your capability through affirmation. The mind power that you possess is a valuable tool to help you gain a higher level of confidence. Find as many proofs as possible from your past to show that you are an achiever; you may have done very well academically, you may have been quite good in certain sports or you may have been talented in art, to name but a few. Any area you are or were good at is a proof.

If you think you have dug into your memory and found nothing worth recalling, do not panic and condemn yourself. What you have experienced may probably be created by you past experiences and you have your negative beliefs in your subconscious mind to blame.

One effective tip is to delete your old negative belief system and upload a new positive system into your subconscious mind. Come up with some very positive statements like “I am in the process of attracting wealth into my life” and repeat to yourself regularly. One of the best timing to do that is in the morning just after you are awake and your mind is the freshest.  Besides installing a more positive mindset, you will also feel wonderful to start a new day.

3.    Do you have a plan?
Dream will be just a dream without any plan and action. With fabulous dream, you should be enthusiastic to take your first step of your journey towards your goal. Your need to have the self-discipline to make sure you are doing something according to your plan everyday towards where you want to be. With a little effort being put in, your pace in achieving your dream will definitely be slower but you know you are at least getting closer to your target.

4.    Are you willing to help others?
When you have made it, are you willing to give back by helping others? Are you willing to give back to the society? According to the law of cause and effect, you will ripe what you have sow. Generosity is a good habit you must develop because with such positive action, you are bound to attract more and more wealth into your life. Help those who are in need and you will attract more and more into your life.

Everyone has the mind power to help attracting wealth as long as he or she knows the proper way.  If you have failed and gave up on life, you would be in a way allowing others to decide the future for you.  What you want to see in the future is all up to you and only you can decide what you want in life and bring it to reality.

Have you heard of the Law of Abundance? Well, abundance here refers to your goals in life; it can be wealth, health, relationships, assets or even a hope to travel across Sahara desert. You can achieve whatever you want in life by first engraving it in your mind, believing in it and let the law go into process of magnetizing it into your life. Sounds familiar? Yes, this is another way to phrase the Law of Attraction.

There are so many successful people around the world and to state that each and every one of them is a believer of the law is an exaggeration. You do not have to be a believer in the law of abundance before you can attract your dream. This law is not bias towards or against anyone or any group. Everyone is treated equally and fairly under this Law of the Universe.

Having said that, why are there people who are so successful in achieving what they want while some other people keep on failing in getting what they dream of? Well, all these differences are the cause and effect of the human thoughts. You may have read numerous self-help books, listened to many self-improvement audio tapes and even attended several self-development seminars. Can you recall if there is anyone teaching how to be successful by staying negative? The answer is obvious. Anyone who has the intention to help you will always advise you to be positive in your mindset.

To have the Law of Attraction work well for you, you need to be positive in thinking. But how can we become positive in our thought? One very effective way is to focus on your goals and that is what you really want to achieve in your life. You will meet problems or obstacles along the way and these challenges are simply unavoidable at times but they are definitely impermanent as long as you have a powerful mindset.

By focusing only on what you do want, you will see yourself looking on the bright side more often. And the great thing about thinking about your goals regularly is that you are in the process of manifesting your dream into reality. The only difference about this is how fast your dream comes true? To successfully attract whatever you want, apart from being positive, you should also learn to visualize your future with emotions and excitement. Put your dreams into your subconscious mind to ensure you have that kind of firm belief system to manifest your goals into reality. In other words, apply affirmation to transform your life forever.

According to the Law of Abundance, you have to be very clear in whatever you want and you should be always in your mind. To help you better in visualizing, you can have some visualization aid in your computer as movie, presentation or even wall-paper. Have the pictures of your dream car, new house and piles of dollar notes with some appropriate background music to accelerate your visualizing process. Alternatively, you can also have the cut out pictures to be pasted on a small board which can be hanged in your bedroom. It is never too late to start, but you have to start right now.

The Law of Attraction has indeed captured a lot of interest those who desire to be successful. If you have learn about this Law of the Universe and attempted to apply it in your life, you should know how great you have felt during the process. However, not everyone get the whole process right; some people just cannot do it while others kept getting inconsistent results. And these people, sad to say, quit believing in it and gave up hopelessly.

If you think you cannot get the law of attraction to work for you, you are not alone. Most people failed to effectively apply this law in the first few times. Like other facts of life, you need to understand, apply and practice the right way before you can get it right for you.

To be able to work effectively with the law of attraction, you need to be positive. You may ask how on earth you are going to stay positive when you have to face so many complex problems in life. You may also be surrounded by negative people who are regularly poisoning your mind with negative potion. What’s next that happen can be terrible as you started to become or remain negative and needless to say, you begin to attract things you do not want into your life.

What should you be really doing to successfully getting the law of attraction to work and manifest your dream into reality? Below are just but a few golden tips to help you put the Law of Attraction into practice successfully.

1. Clear Vision

You cannot ask for anything to manifest into reality without first knowing exactly what you want. For example, if you want to be richer, you should be specific as in how much richer. Do you know by having a dollar, you are also considered one dollar richer? You should have a clear vision or goal like a specific amount of money you want to earn in a month. If you are earning on average US$5000 a month as a salesperson, you may like to raise your income by another 50% or even 100%. Know what you really want, ask for it and allow yourself to receive.

2. Believe in Yourself and Be patient

You cannot be expecting desired result to manifest overnight. Many people actually quit trying after sometime because they do not see results in the short term and perceived it would not be worth to continue working with the law.
A seed will need time together with warmth, water and oxygen to develop into a seedling. From a seedling, it needs some more time to develop into a fully grown plant. All things need time to develop before results are shown, so you have to stay strong with the belief in yourself and be patient.

Beware, impatient and frustration are negative forces which will only bring more negative results into your life.

3. Continuous Learning
You cannot simply be jogging only once and expect to maintain your stamina for the rest of your life. Likewise, you cannot be reading only a single self-help book on the Law of Attraction and expect to be successful all the way. What you should be doing is to continuously learning new skills and knowledge to stay ahead of this ever-changing world.

You can educate yourself through great books, audio tapes, and internet as well as from others through forums and committees. Whichever source it may come from, the important thing is to keep on learning.

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